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Only the finest on our road

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Creative Energy...Joyful noises...

Our exceptional network of world-class entertainers allows our partners to access eclectic content: A mixture of street dance, UV lights carnival, aerial drummers circus fusion, puppetry invading musical orchestras, and animated films re-visited for live performances, and digital installations throughout the city. Our storylines are easy to follow, fun, imaginative, and bursting with highly interactive acts and art experiences that will delight family audiences and organizers.Performing arts bring creative people together and let them be as innovative and experimental as the possiblities allow.
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The Story House

On our road, everyone knows each other and leaves their doors wide open. You will find an orange tree, a jasmine flower climbing the walls, an ice cream van owned by a well-travelled sailor to lost places, a few muddy bicycles, a blossomed palm tree which for a long time has been offering gourmet dates unexpectedly to neighbour's and visitors alike. In our road there are very few ring bells, children still prefer knocking at the door tirelessly with their little hands to be heard by the longstanding residents of the Story House, here lives a family-friendly bunch of creative people with a community bee happy spirit, and breath-taking movers of festive parties with a whisper to a crafty imagination. Our road is quiet but filled with mesmerizing sounds and no ordinary art experiences, that span life, locally inspired but amazingly connected to our world.

Latest Family Shows

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Underwater Bubble Show

Find out moreUnderwater Bubble Show is a colorful, modern fairy tale that spreads the message to enjoy life freely and imaginatively. Bubbles elicit fun, smiles, and laughter from all ages. Inspired by Cirque du Soleil UWB is often best described as the SOAP DU SOLEIL, , this Latvian-based company won the Merlin Award for Best International Family Show of 2018.
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Ah Liz

Find out moreHere comes another colorful, visionary show for the entire family.Be ready to experience an amazing journey in the crazy world of Wonderland! Based on Alice in wonderland adventures, this show is an action-packed and exciting Theatrical Circus full of surprises and amazing flying acts, enhanced with video projection mapping and live music.
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Flying Superkids

Find out moreThis show will inspire your own KIDS and give you live a sparkling lesson on how to be healthy, bouncing in happiness and celebrating the gift of being talented beyond expectations.

Latest Digital Arts

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Suave Ciclo

Find out moreThe two roving nomads of the digital era have fused interactive technology with street art, using custom-fitted tricycles called Suaveciclo” that carry speakers and projector equipment. VJ SUAVE describe their work as “ Digital Graffiti”, created mainly using traditional animation which allows them to edit and play their Whimsical animations in Real-Time. The artist duo have made public artwork that's mobile, interactive, and constantly changing.


Find out moreVJ SUAVE has used the app, in conjunction with traditional animation techniques, to create street art for years. By projecting animation onto buildings, walls and streets, they create temporary and eye-grabbing works.

Enchanted Forest

Find out moreFloresta Encantada, virtual reality experience by VJ Suave. An interactive installation by VJ Suave. Developed for Virtual Reality, where viewers are free to choose their own paths and actions. The experience is enhanced by movement sensors and controls capable of transporting the visitor to another dimension, an enchanted forest where you can touch, interact and feel the forces of mother nature.